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, and ed rollins and juan williams and tucker carlson, and doug schoan with us. new reports of militants showing strength in benghazi before the attack on u.s. consulate. the terrorists held a conference in june, which was attended by the bulk of al qaeda network in libya. that according to a pentagon research report. joining me now fox news national security analyst, kt mcfarland. first, let's deal with if we may, that debate. the president making the straightforward statement, that he declared it to be a terrorist attack the day after benghazi, i have to tell you, the press has been mute on that statement by the president. it is remarkable. >> it is very -- the greatest story of our time, which is that press is see no evil, speak no evil and hear no evil in the cult of obama. the word terror may have left his lips in that rose garden ceremony but it had nothing to do with the benghazi attack, they pun it for two weeks, that was not part of their narrative, 5 days before that attack. the president was at the democratic convention he said, bin laden is dead and al qaeda is back on its he
team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer said severe weather could be on the way. how soon? >> it's going to be tomorrow, and probably tomorrow night. outside right now, it does not get better than this. most of the forecast has a lot of days like this in it. again, tomorrow could be a different story. we could be seeing severe weather. right now, a very big storm is taking shape in the middle part of the country. 68 degrees currently. winds out of the south at 9 hour. per around the rest of the region, simply gorgeous. temperature of 66 degrees right now in gaithersburg, 68 degrees in washington, and 70 degrees in through the fredericksburg area. once again, very nice conditions. with plenty of sunshine and light winds, this is simply a gorgeous, gorgeous afternoon. there's no rain right now. we're not going to see any rain for probably the next 24 hours. but there is that chance of severe weather during the evening hours tomorrow. we'll talk much more about that storm coming up. but i'll take you in through your morning. fairfax county, burke, great afternoon. looking very good toward f
. >>> lots of blue skies today. as we say, don't get used to it. doug kammerer is outside on the weather debck. >> enjoy what we have out here right now. if you're thinking about making your way out out and about this evening, it's going to be a good night to do it. as we look at the sky right now, plenty of sunshine. a temperature of 67 degrees. winds right now out of the south at 8 miles per hour. as we look at the rest of the area, just about everybody in the mid to upper 60s. fredericksburg coming in at 72 degrees. gaithersburg in montgomery county, one of the cooler spots at 64. there's no rain to talk about right now. but that's not going to be the case tomorrow. i think we've got a good chance to see not only heavier downpours, but maybe some strong to severe thunderstorms, too. i'll come back a little bit later on and show you who i think has the best chance to see those strong storms and when they may arrive in our area. we'll talk about that coming up in my full forecast. >>> hello, iowa! >> both presidential candidates headed right back to the campaign trail after last night's
. the weather is nice and cool outside. it's really fall. >> it's a great day out there doug. >> here is one of the hd weatherbug cameras out in march -- out in arlington. the latest color map shows wingood color developing for the fall foliage. 67 in washington, 64 in hagerstown. partially cloudy in the 50's. 64 at midday. partially sunny and breezy. clouds will be increasing, wind increasing out of the south and noticed the timing tremendous with showers between 6:00-8:00. all of this should be out of the picture by sunrise friday then back to sunshine breezy, mild temperatures with friday afternoon sunshine. sunny and mild early next week. check out lots of stuff always updated on wjla.com, the on-line home of abc 7 mother and a blog about the days getting shorter another sign of a winter on the way. >> it's far enough away. >> thank you, doug. >> a big week coming up for the redskins. >> they were back on the field today to rehearse for the new york giants. they are talented. second in offense, third in scoring. these scans have kryptonite, -- skins have kryptonite rg3. >> he won the hei
goodness, what a gorgeous day it was today. so fine, in fact, that doug doesn't even want to be in here with us, he's outside. and who can blame him. >> that's exactly right. don't tack personal offense. it's nice out here right now. really, one of the best days we've seen, and i think we're in for a couple more of these. maybe a little fly in the oinment here could come in the form of severe weather. looking at plenty of clear skies. the sun going down quickly. winds out of the south at about 5 miles per hour. everybody still in the 60s. 63 in gaithersburg, fredericksburg coming in at 71 degrees. so nice and mild. rain, not tonight. but tomorrow, take a look at what's back to the west. a big-time storm. a very strong storm coming through portions of the middle part of the country. we'll talk about that storm and what it's going to bring through us. it does bring a chance for severe weather. i'll show you when and who gets what coming up in my forecast. >>> coming up, safe at home. >> that was the hardest part was laying in a tent for many days hunk erd down in the rain thinking about w
. >> all right, thank you, doug. if you liked it than you should have put a ring on it ♪ >> tonight, the nfl has confirmed that beyonce will perform at the super bowl halftime show.tonight, beyonce photo. she's sporting iblack with a date of february 13. the speculation that beyonce's husband or her former group may wants from destiny's child may join her on stage. >> you'll have to get up and get the snacks before halftime. >> oh, yes, absolutely. >> coming up in sports, we asked, you responded. your best suggestions for the redskins touchdown celebration. >> also, new details about a maryland schools are number one in america because we invest in them. but we can do even more. every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty million dollars at casinos in other states. question 7 keeps that maryland money in maryland through expansion of gaming in maryland. it will mean hundreds of millions of dollars for our schools. as governor, i can promise you, that money will go to education. that's the law and that's what we'll do. vote for question seven. and balanced the budget every ye
blogger, doug terri, showing the crew putting the camera back up. police think a vandal intentionally took out the camera with a heavy vehicle, then fled. no suspects are identified, even though there's a police substation. a block away. wusa9 9 posted one of the shots asking who did it. tongue and cheek answers included, the duracho. mostly, viewers expressed contempt of speed cameras in a county that counts at least 115 of them. it needs to happen to every one of them, wrote one viewer, stop the greed in government. i don't know if someone did this or not, wrote another. if he or she gets caught, i would contribute to a defense fund. camera karma is a post that seems to sum it up. if so, there's a lot of that karma going around. montgomery county police report at least 53 acts of vandalism between february and september, ranging from spray painting to gun shots. balance that against a county legislative report showing speed cameras result in 87% compliance, a 28% drop in collisions, and a 39% reduction in injuries and deaths. around enforcement camera zones. in short, people may hate the
'll play some of them for you. and elizabeth macdonald and doug schoen will decide whether they're softballs or not, coming up momentarily. ♪ >> all right we got the latest tracking poll from rasmussen, obama 50, romney 47. that's a daily poll of likely voters taken before last night's debate. 50-47, obama. and last night was a town hall style, and people asked the questions, but moderator from cnn she chose which questions were asked. some feel she let some softballs through. >> in what new ways do you intend to rectify the inequalities in the workplace specifically regarding females making only 72% of what their male counterparts concerned. >> mr. president, i voted for you in 2008. what have you done or accomplished to earn my vote in 2012. >> what is the the biggest difference between you and george w. bush? >> well, kind of softening it up. those three, we picked thee, but they were softballs, liz, surely. >> yeah, they were softballs and the point is, look, with the president thinks that raising taxes or jobs council would create jobs, and command control economy, some
. the most talked about moment from the moderator. doug luzader is following this angle for us. he is live in washington can mo with more. i think we are talking about libya here. >> this image may say it all. most of the questions came to deal with domestic issues but it was an exchange over libya that is getting all of the tanks this morning. it started with the voter asked the president about security failures that led to the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in libya last month. that raised questions about why the administration initially insisted the attack was about an anti muslim movie. the president said last night he immediately called it an act of terror. here's what followed. >> it's interesting the president just said something which is on the day after the attack he went in the rose garden and said this was an act of terror. you said in the rose garden the day after the attack it was an act of terror. it was not a spontaneous demonstration. >> please proceed, governor. >> i want to make sure we get that for the record because it took the president 14 days before he called th
was actually accurate? doug mckelway live in washington with a fact check for us. >> reporter: good morning, jon. there was a lot of loose play with the facts. let's start with questioner candy crowley permitted. >> in what ways you do intend to correct in the workplace, females making 72% what they earned. >> reporter: that 72% figure is a myth endured for years. the census bureau admitted as much last month. >> we don't have a way to measure equal pay for equal work. we compare full-time earnings for year-round work between men and women. >> reporter: in fact census data are a rough measure of women's wages versus all men wages without kind of jobs they choose to accommodate needs for families. a fact challenge that came up regarding taxes. >> he was on "60 minutes" just two weeks ago and he was asked, is it fair for somebody like you, making $20 million a year to pay a lower tax rate than a nurse or a bus driver, somebody making $50,000 a year? and he said yes, i think that's fair. >> reporter: the president there is comparing romney's investment income tax to payroll taxes for that bus
of the catamaran doug into and flipped over the boat. a pretty scary experience. >> the good news is that all the crew members on the got are safe. minor injuries. they do have a back up vote but that back up lotus not completely done it will be february until the boat is done. they are vowing that the boat that capsized yesterday's will be fixed and ready to go before the races start sometime next summer. >> another $8,000,000.10 waiting in the wings. >> i don't think you have to worry about it larry ellison has enough to cover the 8 million. >> thanks a lot. the they were not hurt. >> if you follow politics you know last night's debate was something to watch. the debate was a lot more heated with fireworks from both candidates. president obama facing head to head with gop candid mitt romney. they talk about a number of issues, taxes, deficit spending comet deficit reduction, energy, and equal pay for women. health care was a issue. it was a town hall said it. the canada is got to walk around and face the people and answer the questions. they faced each other 101 in things got heated at time
is that they'll continue to manage things cautiously. >> doug freedman is an analyst with rbc capital markets, downgraded intel to market perform from outperform a month ago. that was a $24 price target. good to see you. welcome. >> thanks. good to be here. >> you say the report is not likely to alter sentiment on the stock. is that because everybody is so down on it? >> yes. i would agree with that. really, there's two things in play here. demand side is just not working. and on the internal side, management has to take action toes bring leverage back to the business model. >> what is the solution, if any? are we just in some sort of structure ka none dumb as we watch tablets take over? >> that absolutely is part of the problem. there's the problem that intel's growth expectation, they were targeting 60 billion in revenue these year. we're going toned somewhere at 54 billion. so we're seeing the fact that they let their installed base get a little too big. >> i know we're down and some people anticipated that would not be the case. is that becoming more of a problem than perhaps investors re
for. one, does the president show the want to, the energy that doug wilder was talking about. two does he more fec livety take on mitt romney and the centrist tone he was striking in the last debate. finally, does he do better at laying out a concrete vision for a second term. democrats want him to do all three. >> larry kudlow the debate in about a minute and a ahalf. >> i think john is right. i think the fulcrum of this debate will be about economic growth and jobs but i think the benghazi thing, with hillary saying it's my responsibility, the night before the debate, i think that puts it right into barack obama's lap. i think this is a great clinton power play, very clever on the clinton's part and now the president's going to have that ball and he better not fumble it. >> governor romney is going to be pushing this. >> he's going to go right for it. you know he's going right for it. keith is right about the economy, but people are very upset about an ambassador getting killed. >> we take you to hofstra university, a town hall with about 80 voters chosen by gallup uncommitted regist
, the republican. there are to march places in the face. doug campbell from the constitution party, and libertarian bailey. we are building online library of conversations with of a third-party and independent candidates. you can find them by going to rmpbs.org/panorama and then looking for the colorado state of mind page. ahead of last night's second presidential debate. students that visited told us some of the issues most important to them in this campaign. >> the most important issue in this debate for me is the economy playing such a key factor in all of our lives and in america. >> i'm sarah. the most important issue in the debate for me is the rights. i believe that everyone should have the right to get married no matter what stage they are part of. >> i am a freshman here and i would like both mitt romney and president of, to say what they are going to do to stop the war in congress. >> my name is tom at hofstra university the most important issue is the job market. i want to know if there is a job for me out there when i graduate. >> senator jon tester and republican congressman are compet
to actually happen then, and what are some areas where you can see a comprise happening? >> doug, you want to start? >> sure. i think it's important to recognize that really three different issues involved, and the first is the literally the fiscal cliff. the end of the tax increases and spending cuts that will happen on auto pilot. which i view as a tremendous threat to the economy. it's a recipe for recession. we have a weak economy that is moving side ways a the moment at best. and that's the issue we're going to face in the lame duck. that's the debt limit. it's going to be a february, administer issue. my own view you should keep it as far away from the fiscal cliff you can. there's nothing good that comes of intermixing the two. the third, the deal. which is we have to have a deal for the fundamental tax reforms and entitlement reforms so we have a debt burden sustainable for the future and -- we don't have that. so the lame duke, just focus on those. you shouldn't intermix the debt ceiling and pretended you're going get a deal. i think that's a mistake. and the whole job of the fisc
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)